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Every two months we feature different artists on their website, newsletters, and channels. A featured artist usually includes an interview or project summary conducted with one of our executive team members. All projects and interviews are published along the artist's desired feature work to improve their network within Europe. 


Lara Gomez

Graphic Artist

Lara Gomez is a graphic artist from Spain. She began her formal art training in interior design then gravitated towards graphic design over the years.

Lara's art often resembles themes that are a combination of nature and feminity. She works on her visual pieces experimenting with different languages and concepts through illustrations and letters (including typography, and mural art).

Her featured works "Bloom" and "Spring" are from a project called Bloom. Lara describes the project on her website as "a conversation about womanhood, nature, emotions and the ephemeral". In contrast, she expresses different emotions below. "Ausencia" (left) depicts "the loss or distraction of consciousness or being", and "Jaula" which regards "internal or external cages people often carry".


In regards to Europe, she says, "Europe is an open source to share, learn, and accept our different life experiences, identities, and ways of being without barriers".

See more of her art at http://laranoia.com/ or shop her prints at https://shop.laranoia.com/index.php.

Featured Pieces

by Lara Gomez (Laranoia)



"Ausencias" (Absences) 




"Jaula" (Cage)


Lina Jusevičiūtė


Lina Juseviciute is a Lithuanian freelance photographer. Her photographs are created in collaboration with artists from various fields and cultural backgrounds. Living in Lithuania, France, The Netherlands and Denmark inspired her to go beyond cultural constructions and get in touch with the poetry and longing that connect all humans. 

Thanks to photography, observation of light and shadows became her meditative practice to which she also invites others.


Joining this network is another opportunity to collaborate with different artists, observe each other‘s vision of life, and get inspired to dive deeper into creation from which emerges all improvement.

See more of her photo projects at https://www.lijuphotography.com/

P1230352 1.jpg

Kat Knutsen

Multi-Media Artist & Designer

Katherine Knutsen is an American painter, animator, and professor of digital media and design.  She worked on the Oscar-nominated film Loving Vincent after finishing a residency in fiber arts while running an independent publication called The Siren.  She approaches the arts as a bridge that helps connect information and community with a sense of understanding and flexibility.  Her work tries to assist in highlighting issues and/or solutions that help unite the diverse socio-political spectrum. 


"Art can easily re-contextualize the conversation to better fit whatever topics are being discussed from any perspective, and do so with compassion." - Kat Knutsen 

Featured Series 

Kat's featured art includes these four Portraits are from the series called "The Hive".  The hive is a large single painting that is comprised of several portraits.  The collection of portraits into a beehive-like shape reference the power that comes from working together towards common goals. 

You can see more of Kat Knutsen's art on her website: 


Featured Project "The Hive"

Series by Kat Knutsen 

Angela Johnston:

Community Connector


Esperanza Berube: 

Housing authority access connector 


Scott Almeida: Fireman and Community Leader


Hugh Dunn:

Municipal Leader and Clean Energy Initiator


Genya Krikova

Contemporary Art

Genya is a contemporary artist, working in different media. Her work often focuses on people's psychology.


In her installations, she often uses different materials like mirrors, iron, stones, lamps, and texts or creates ready-made objects. She also likes to use interactive devices. Genya is currently located in Munich, Germany. 

Her featured art pieces include watercolors and mixed media.

The top picture "Obergieisng", the lower right is "My dream come true", and lower left, "Mein Leben".

To see more of Genya's work please visit her website 


Featured Pieces by Genya Krikova

Mein Leben.JPG
My dream come true.jpeg

Darren John D'Souza


Berlin-based Indian artist, Darren John D’Souza, currently releases music under the name of Bérod. Originally from Goa, India, Darren discovered his passion for music from a young age with acoustic music that developed towards electronic sounds. He is a self-taught artist that currently studies at dBS Music School in Berlin.

Darren believes that music is an essential tool of diplomacy. He says that "Introducing the music of a certain culture to the global market can be a powerful way of opening up the cultural bodies of a country to the world."

To the right are two featured songs by Darren. The above video "Sunken" came from his acoustic track, and the below is "Rectify"/ 

Hear more of Darren's tunes at https://soundcloud.com/berodmusic


Maëva Le Roux

 Visual Artist & Art Curator

Maëva is a French Indonesian artist and model. She also works as one of the art curators for the ECP-FG.

Her artistic work focuses on symbolism. The high contrast in the colors translates to the existing tensions between recurrent and opposing concepts: nature and culture, life and death, figurative and abstract. The paintings are infused with spiritualism whilst representing the scientific principles. 

She believes that art should depart from one's introspection, that it should lead individuals to engage in society, in order to find more sustainable ways of life. Hence, she is currently studying Cultural Diplomacy, focusing on the capacity of Art and Culture to build bridges between nations. 

To see more of her work please view her portfolio online https://sites.google.com/view/rebornputri/home.

Photo Marco Misciagna_edited.jpg

Marco Misiagna 


Marco is an Italian Viola/Violin soloist, Gold Medalist for the commemoration of 150th anniversary of the Kiev Opera Theatre, Professor in Superior Music Conservatory in Italy, Honorary Professor in two Conservatory in Russia (Tambov, Vladivostok), Armenia(Yerevan), Tunisia(Sousse University), New Zeland (Pettman Academy of Music in Auckland). He has been invited to teach Master Classes in important academies (Spain, Turkey, Ukraine, Belgium, Ireland, France, etc) contributing to the artistic growth of numerous students. He is always convinced that the arts are the key to determining positive changes, especially the music.

See more of Marco Misciagna's work at https://www.marcomisciagna.com/

Art in the time of COVID-19

In this video, Misiagna performs with the  Military Corps of the Italian Red Cross (Auxiliary of the Armed Forces), playing the Italian Hymn of Mamel (The Italian National Anthem) during a flag-raising in late march amongst some the peak weeks of the COVID-19 pandemic to demonstrate solidarity with those suffering and affected. 

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